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One stroke 298 Verdaccio 3 ml One stroke 298 Verdaccio 3 ml

We introduce Mosaic One Stroke gels!

As the second new spring of 2018, we want to show you the brand new One stroke gels from Mosaic.

The gels are excellent for the following:
- One stroke technique
-Drawing Lines and patterns on top gel
-Sugar effect nail art

Certainly different kinds of gems are still found where the gels are fit so only your own imagination is a limit! The above have been tested on behalf of the manufacturer and the training team and we can warmly recommend it.

New gels are conveniently packed in colored tubes in 3ml packs. Black and white 5ml packs. The colors are very sparsely pigmented, so the material cost is small. The gel is thicker in composition compared to, for example, the basic gel paint. Cured gels do not leave sticky layers. Curing time in LED 30 s, UV 60 s.

Color coding is known to many of Polycolor acrylic paints. These paints are the best of acrylic paints and the choice of color for the experienced one stroke machine is made easy. So be sure to choose your own color with old familiar codes. The difference is that the gels are ready for use immediately so the hunting of the right mixing ratio will be completely eliminated. The gels do not dry before UV light so you can paint in peace and, if necessary, repair the bets right away. The gel slides in the brush lightly and does not brake as too dry acrylic paint can make.

However, colors can be mixed with each other to find new shades.

Introductory Prices for One stroke gels:

Colors 3ml 8,00
Black and white 5ml 12.-

Set, 13pcs ONLY 98.-

530 Black
18 Titan White
298 Verdaccio
305 Dark Green
208 Rose Pale
400 Primary Blue
256 Red Magenta
74 Brilliant Yellow
118 Dark Yellow
165 Bordeaux
263 Sandal Red
443 Violet
388 Navy Blue

Later, all the colors will be 5ml and the price will be slightly higher. So now the experiment is made easy and the purchase threshold is reduced! Thanks to Mosaic!

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