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Gollee Eyelash Extension Gel Remover 15ml
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Gollee Remover For Eyelash Glue,transparent gel-like, light and delicate texture. Low odor, no tears, mild and pure. Effectively dissolves the adhesive within 60 seconds for easy removal of eyelash extensions.
How to use:Use an eye patch to isolate the upper and lower lashes to prevent the melted liquid from entering the eyes. Squeeze a small amount of gel remover on a cotton swab. Apply to the grafted eyelashes interface, wait for 60s-120s, gently wipe the eyelashes until all the extensions fall off, and use tweezers to slowly remove the remaining eyelashes.
GOLLEE eyelash extension glue gel remover is specially formulated to dissolve Individual lash adhesive. It effectively dissolves the adhesive bond, effortlessly removing eyelashes extension. Only requires a minimal amount to debonder the adhesive, and  do not damage the natural eyelashes. Does not running into the eyes.
This Eyelash extension glue gel remove consisting of a thick gel type paste, minimal irritation. Eyelash Adhesive Remover dissolves any type of lash glue in safe and easy way. This product is for Professional Use Only.
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