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Mosaic Nails Ireland

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Mosaic Nail System New extra shine top gels

Extra shiny flexible non-sticky and sticky layer top gels from mosaic. Resistant to scratching and fadding the shine.

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Mosaic new "Swirls" and "Details" brushes

Dont feel confident in swirls or details? Oh come on... You just need a right tool! Mosaic new "Swirls" and "Details" brushes. You can do it!

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"Mosaic" NEO (Nano Technologie) Builder GeL

It used to be hard to imagine that we could do all 5 fingers at the time without gel flowing on the cuticule. This is possible now with new mosaic neo gels. It is new generation of gels self leveling but non-flowing at the same time. 
Tthey become thicker in viscosity when untouched and become more liquid during work. Neo gels are light on they texture. It is easy to pick it up and apply. But once you stopped mooving it with a brush, it will stay still as jelly.
Noe gels advantages:

  • Flexible but durable.
  • Soft in pick up but doesnt flow in application.
  • Self-leveling with a perfect surface tension.
  • Very easy to file.
  • Has a perfect adhesion on all types of nails.
  • Doesnt burn in the UV lamp.
  • If you are an advanced nail tech, you can apply this gel without filing at all.
  • Its behavior gives you an opportunity to build 5 nails with only 1 curing. It saves time.
  • You can eliminate filing with it so it saves the product as well   


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